The Winter in Austria is for sure one of Europe’s great vacation experiences!
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The alpine regions are world famous for winter sports. Because of the great landscape, the picturesque villages and the dazzling array of possible activities Austria and especially Salzburg are among the leading destinations.

But Salzburg is not only a paradise for winter activities. It is at the same time a quiet “winter wonderland”. It only depends on the location and the focus.

Salzburg and the Salzkammergut are extremely rich in natural beauty and deeply rooted authentic traditions. The Salzburg Christmas Markets are famous all over Europe and beyond and even the most sung Christmas Carol of the world – “Silent night, holy night” – origins from Salzburg.

Very unique traditions are still alive in the “Rauhnächte Nights” in Advent and around Christmas. The “Perchten”, the “Wild Chase”, “St. Nicola and the Krampus” are rooted in Celtic and Germanic rituals blended with Christian teachings. They are unthinkable without the cold short days and long nights in the valleys of the Alps. The frightening wooden masks for the Perchten are carved out of wood by those who wear them. Fathers hand them down to the sons. It is an honour to wear the masks and shows how deeply rooted the traditions are in the hearts and minds of the locals. Even though the creatures are evil looking they bring good luck for people, animals and the crop. The beautiful ones and light-bearers, the “Glöckler”, complete this special time and are meant to awaken spring.

Edelweiss Winter Tours enable you to enjoy spectacular world-class downhill skiing and snowboarding, exciding dog-sledding, romantic sleigh rides, to trace back the history of “Silent Night Holy Night”, to experience special events such as the famous Christmas Markets und much more.

We pre-designed some special winter tours in this category. Nevertheless, many of our Private Tours, Salzburg Tours and Adventure Tours can be done also in winter. So please look at them too, especially at the wide range of Private Tours.

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