Customized Tours in Salzburg

Certainly, you want your holidays to become a highlight of the year and thus are wondering about how to organize them so that you will get the best out of it:

  • You want to see all sights (in a short time).
  • At the same time you want to experience the culture and the atmosphere.
  • You want to get in-depth-information about the local history, arts, music, celebrities etc.
  • You won’t miss special local or seasonal events which will make your holidays even more special and unforgettable.
  • You want to be shown treasures off the beaten track.
  • You don’t want to follow the crowds.
  • You want to escape tourist traps
  • You are fond of the local cuisine and want to get to know the in fact best restaurants.
  • You want all this IN YOUR WAY.


Just as much you now that, if you join with a group of strangers or even a big tour bus, your very individual wishes and needs will be confined.

Edelweiss Tours Salzburg offers you a great INDIVIDUAL TOUR SERVICE to sightseeing places in and around Salzburg including the neighbouring districts and countries. Our experts will design and operate your specific PRIVATE TOUR which will suit your very personal itinerary perfectly.

Whether you travel alone, with your family, with friends or business partners,  whether you want us do organize a day trip or your whole holidays the PRIVATE TOURS will always be specific to you.

You can choose out of THREE DIFFERENT TYPES of Private Tours:

  • Edelweiss CLASSIC Private Tour
  • Edelweiss EXCLUSIVE Private Tour
  • Edelweiss SUPREME Private Tour



The Edelweiss Classic Private Tour combines the benefits of a pre-designed tour to the most sought after destinations with the comfort of being a private customer. The whole tour is for you only; you don’t have to go with strangers.  Within the given schedule you have options open, e.g. individual photo stops or to skip something so as to get more time for something else etc. To chose your PRIVATE TOUR.



You tell us about your wishes and those of your family or group members.
Our specialists will suggest an itinerary which can be discussed until YOUR EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE TOUR is designed.
On tour you will have your personal driver/guide who will either stay with you if you want or will wait for you in case you want to do something on your own.



The tour name itself is self-explanatory.
In addition to the whole service of the Edelweiss Exclusive Tour with a SUPREME PRIVATE TOUR you will get even more benefits for your personal comfort:

  • Sometimes during a tour new ideas come up. With the Supreme Tour your driver/guide will try to fulfil your new wish.
  • If you booked a tour for several days, we will – of course prior consultation with you – e.g. change the schedule due to weather conditions so that you will get the most benefit of a specific tour.
  • If you decided to go out at night it is possible to arrange a later start for the next day.

These are only examples. Of course, with the SUPREME PRIVATE TOUR we will try to adjust to your personal needs as much and as fast as possible.

For more information especially about the Edelweiss Exclusive Tour and the Edelweiss Supreme Tour please contact us directly under
[email protected].
We will be very pleased to get in contact with you.