Our business philosophy is strongly connected with our company founder’s life.

Originating from India he studied economics and worked for international companies in Singapore, the USA and Austria. His work entailed many business trips and also in his spare time he likes to travel, to get to know something new and to learn about other cultures.

He was (and still is) fascinated of Austria’s beauty, the variety of landscapes, the many wonderful sights, the ancient customs and the four seasons which provide so many different possibilities to enjoy life – and decided to stay.

Over the years he became more and more familiar with the country and got to know many of its special treasures off the beaten track.
He also did some “classic tours” himself. Some had been nice, some not at all and he decided: Austria is so rich in extraordinary beautiful and interesting sightseeing places; some of them are even unique in the world. I want to offer tours for guests which are in accordance with that. This was the beginning.

Since that initial decision we have developed a lot.
Expertise added to experience go without saying.
What distinguishes us beyond that is our philosophy:

Take any chance to broaden your horizon
Value the tradition but stay open for the new
Respect everyone and everything
Leave nothing to be desired
Give and make happy – take and be happy


Due to all that we count ourselves lucky with many satisfied clients and would be very pleased if you were one of them too.



 – Team